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Since 1969, Capetown Diamond Corp. is recognized as one of the leaders in the watch and jewelry discounting business. Our thousands of satisfied customers worldwide are a testament to the honesty, integrity, and the value that is the heart of Capetown.
Although we are buyers of watches and jewelry at the highest prices (Please refer to the SELL TO US section of our website,) oftentimes, for any number of reasons, Consignment or Loans would be a better option for your particular situation.
1. CONSIGNMENTS: For those seeking to receive the highest price, consignment is the way to go. Leave us your watch or jewelry item and we will aggressively market your item, at the agreed upon price, by professionally photographing it and featuring it on our world-renowned website and in our showroom, where it will have international exposure to thousands of interested and qualified buyers. All items left in our possession are fully insured against theft, lost, damage, etc. Only if the item sells do we take our commission fee which usually ranges between 10 & 20%. 

Since we will not sell any piece that is not in mint condition, if required and only with your approval, and acknowledgement of cost, we will repair your piece before it goes on sale and the cost of such will be deducted from the selling price.

(Please Note: Consignments in the long run yield a higher price, yet it may take time and there is no guarantee that the item will definitely sell.)

2. LOANS: If you do not wish to dispose of your valuables and your situation requires immediate cash, perhaps a loan would better suit your needs. We offer short term, low interest loans using your valuables as collateral. The amount of the loan would be based on our average acquisition cost for merchandise of the like-kind and the prevailing cost of money at the time.
Please phone, email, or fax our consignment division for a
complimentary evaluation and fee commission schedule.
Capetown Diamond Corporation
National Mail Order Center in Atlanta:
Monday-Friday 10:30-6:00 EST & Saturday 10:30-4:00 EST
Phone: (770) 645-8555 - FAX: (770) 645-0450
Toll-Free Line: (800) 442-7866
E-mail: consignment@capetowndiamond.com
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