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The only 'Lion' you will get from us is bronze!
I have always felt more comfortable working with bright, intelligent, and well focused clients. Those persons, by viewing the material on our website, are well able to decide what they want to buy, and whether our company will measure up to their expectations. Our prices are low for 2 major reasons. 1) My overhead is low. We own our own building in Roswell, GA, we have a fine staff of diligent hard working employees who do not try to beat us out of our last buck, and of course giving the greatest value on earth is our forte. Not only do we have low prices, 2) we give considerably more after sales service and value then our full priced retail competition. I think that if you are truly a buyer, then you will find that the following wordiness will acquaint you with the value of Capetown.
Please take the time to read the following information about Capetown. You might ask yourself what makes Capetown marketably different then their competitors. It is simple, we are serious jewelry people.
If you are young man or a first time buyer of expensive jewelry, this website may seem long-winded. It is designed for the seasoned, sophisticated buyer (the bulk of our clientele) that easily understands the importance of a vendor's credibility, expertise, value, and service. These savvy buyers know that the web is a hotbed of duplicity and fraud. Before they commit a large sum of money to a stranger in cyberspace they want to know "who they are" and "what they're about." Taking shortcuts in your research procedure could be economically deleterious. IF YOU DON'T KNOW JEWELRY, YOU'D BETTER KNOW YOUR JEWELER!!! Thus, we urge you to take the time to thoroughly read this website and utilize the references we provide. By utilizing this methodology, subsequent purchases of fine watches and jewelry will become safer and more satisfying. Furthermore, this procedure will assist you when purchasing any arcane article, such as cars, insurance, objets d'art, high-end furniture, et. al.
Our family is firmly established in the historic town of Roswell, Georgia.
For over 40 years we have been the jeweler of choice for thousands of America's best and brightest. Now, in our second decade on the Internet, we are the UNDISPUTED pioneer discounter of fine watches, objets d'art, and diamond jewelry e-commerce. In the realm of fine watches and jewelry, Capetown's credibility, value, and knowledge are unmatched. Best of all, with Capetown there is no guesswork.... while everyone else claims to be the best, we are the best, and if you are willing to do the reading, this website offers incontrovertible evidence!
In short, you will be dealing with a family. My wife Rose and son Jonathan have been in our venture since its beginning. We are not in it for the money, we have a passion for this business. We have a pretty good idea of what our clients want and need. If you want something elegant, or something on the cheap, you have met the right people. We are a funny bunch, of course we need money to run our business, but we do not need it that bad to lie to somebody. I, my wife and son enjoy a most decent life style because of this business. And we do not want to do anything to jeopardize someone's trust. So try to get rid of your angst. We are the cure. You are dealing with friends here. Besides thousands of personal references, we have been members of the Better Business Bureau for decades. We are well known by the Georgia Board of Commerce. And we thoroughly understand what credibility is. Over the years, I have got a few bad checks, phony credit cards, but I do not let that carry over to poison most people. Anything we sell you at Capetown has to be as described, just as if you purchased at Neiman Marcus. I am a different Marcus, but I stand by the same standards of customer service as they do. You can call me anytime you want. I do not have an answering machine, I am a live guy. Any complaints, just call and you get the boss, and the buck always stops with me, so it Will stop with me.
The above should prove that we are real human beings, with families, house payments, and religious obligations. not an email address or voice mail. The buck has always stopped with me, and I'm prepared to carry on the tradition that I have established. We are a group you can trust.
Capetown's founder and chairman, Carl Kenneth Marcus. The buck has been stopping with me since 1969.
I think that if you are truly a buyer then you will find that the following wordiness is going to fully acquaint you with the value of dealing with Capetown. You might ask yourself, what makes Capetown markedly different from their competitors? The reason is simply because we are serious jewelry people. My wife's first job, more years ago than I am allowed to reveal, was with the Zales Corporation. My son has recently survived sixteen years of apprenticeship at my side. My experience comes from being the director of an important auction gallery in California, specializing in jewelry and fine art. Both I and all the company executives have a passion and commitment for this field. We love it. We eat, sleep, and drink fine art, jewelry, and watches. Every item that we offer for sale has been closely scrutinized by me or my son. Every piece that we buy has to appeal to us first. We will not take a piece on consignment unless the consignor realizes that we are not a retail establishment and that everything has to be value priced. We stay current by reading all of the trade papers. We attend all of the important shows and auctions. Now, how does this benefit you, the consumer?
Because of our passion for the business, we remain on the cutting edge of trends, investment potentials, new fraud, and less expensive alternatives. Because our sales volume is considerably larger than any of our competitors, we are able to survive financially on a lower margin of profit. Additionally, because watch repair and service is one of the cornerstones of our business, we have in-house resources that allow us to offer the combination of world-class service, an exclusive lifetime warranty*, and the best value in America. If you are an upscale, intelligent buyer, this should provide unequivocal evidence that Capetown Diamond should be your jeweler of choice.
Because of minimal staffing, our business is time sensitive. It is dependent upon interfacing with callers that are in the buying posture. In other words, they are clearly focused on their needs, they have done the spade work, and they understand how a company such as ours can stay in business. When you are ready to buy, call us. If this attitude seems thoughtless and insensitive, perusing our references should acquaint you with the quality of clients that we have. WE ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you are looking for value, options, extended warranties, and unmatched after sales service, we are the company for you; I GUARANTEE IT. We simply don't have the time or resources to give what we give and emulate the traditional before sales-service associated with retailers such as Tiffany's and Neiman Marcus. IF TIFFANY HAD A DISCOUNT DIVISION, WE WOULD BE THEIR ROLE MODEL!!

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