Capetown's Geneva Collection
Save Money & Surprise Your Loved One!
While servicing the interior of your watch, why not let Capetown enhance the exterior? Diamond accessories will add elegance and value to any fine watch. Capetown offers unbeatable discounts on factory authorized diamond dials, bezels and bracelets for Rolex*, Ebel, Cartier, and other fine brands. Prices start at just $649 including overnight UPS shipping. Accessories can be gift-boxed for presentation with complimentary installation at a later date. Diamond watch accessories make brilliant solutions to your gift giving needs.
Save Money & Surprise Your Loved One! Enjoy an additional 10% discount on Capetown's Geneva Collection® gemstone accessories if purchased while your watch is being serviced.(Only Available on Certain Models.)

If you plan on purchasing after-market accessories for your timepiece, YOU MUST READ THE FOLLOWING!
As America's most aggressive price cutter, Capetown operates independently. We are not an official Rolex jeweler, nor are we franchised by any other watch manufacturer. We are not encouraged to promote one brand over another nor to follow the manufacturer's retail price guidelines. Capetown's unique marketing format and philosophy perpetuates our tradition of heavy discounting. Our formula is pure and simple...the combination of low operating overhead and high sales volume allows us to always provide our clients with the best for the least.
Rolex USA considers all diamond dials, bezels, and the like, not manufactured by them, to be non-genuine. The installation of such may cause the 2 year Rolex new watch warranty to be voided. While the preceding caveats may lead you to believe that factory genuine is the only way, compelling evidence suggests... there is one safe, practical and intelligent alternative - Capetown's Geneva Collection accessories.
Generally, all of our new watches, with the exception of Rolex, carry the standard manufacturer's guarantee. In addition, although the Rolex two year warranty may be voided, all purchases (Rolex or otherwise) are fully protected by Capetown's Exclusive "No-Risk Warranty.* This unique coverage is backed by our nationally renowned repair facilities which always ensures you fast and proficient service.
The Geneva Collection, Made in America; The Quality Says Swiss... The Price Says Capetown.
Capetown's Geneva Collection of gemstone accessories are gemologically comparable to their factory editions. Enjoy the luxury of European quality gemstone dials, bezels, & bracelets at less than half of the cost. Stone for stone, quality for quality, our master jewelers & goldsmiths faithfully emulate the most popular accessories offered by Rolex, Ebel, Bertolucci, Omega, et al. The only difference is the lower price!
Extraordinary Value Without Sacrificing Quality
Our precision-crafted line of diamond accessories - "The Geneva Collection®"- is the culmination of a 30+ year commitment to quality. They are the only accouterments manufactured in America which we believe are both technically and gemologically analogous to their authorized editions. Except for the price there is no appreciable difference!!! Just sales hype? Hardly ... this comparison is evidenced by independent laboratory gemological certification. Equally significant, our accessories have endured the test of time. Since 1973, thousands of client's have enjoyed our gemstone enhancements without ever compromising the integrity and performance of their precious timepieces. You can too!
In recent years, the proliferation of cheap knock-off accessories has become a cause of concern to both consumers and manufacturers. In many cases, their poor quality has adversely affected the performance of some timepieces. Therefore, it's not surprising that Rolex USA considers all diamond dials, bezels, and the like, not manufactured by them, to be non-genuine. The installation of such may cause the 1 year Rolex new watch warranty to be voided. (Of course, if your Rolex is over a year old the factory warranty has already expired.) While the preceding caveats may lead you to believe that factory genuine is the only way, compelling evidence suggests...there is one safe, practical and intelligent alternative - Capetown's Geneva Collection®.
Accessories For Rolex Timepieces

Capetown makes many aftermarket Geneva Collection® accessories for Rolex. Capetown also sells and liberally discounts official Rolex made accessories. The choice is yours, no need to ever pay retail at Capetown. Click a link below to see some examples of what we can offer:
Since Capetown is not an official Rolex jeweler, we are able to offer you many money saving options that generally are not available from conventional retailers. Most popular, is our ability to convert many stainless steel watches to the desirable 2-tone models by the addition of factory authorized yellow gold crowns, bezels, hands, gold-tone marker dials, and 2-tone bracelets. Also, Rolex does not offer diamond bezels on their stainless steel models, but here at Capetown, we offer all the latest 18k white gold bezels to help make your stainless steel Rolex, that more unique. Another desirable service is our arcane ability to rebuild, repair or replace, at great savings over retail, many stretched or damaged Rolex bracelets. Those of you whose watch faces have faded or simply would like a color change, will find our dial refinishing department a wise alternative to purchasing a new dial. Additionally, in response to the demand of our clients, we've developed the technology which allows us to safely replace many of the early plastic crystals with the new clean look of synthetic sapphire.
Capetown allows you the choice of purchasing either Rolex authorized parts at discounts or Capetown's fine quality, guaranteed line of after-market parts at even greater savings. At Capetown the choice is yours.
Capetown is not an Official Rolex jeweler.
Art & Technology Meet To Create America's Finest Watch Accessories
Bezels cut to exacting tolerances to ensure a pressure proof fit.
All diamonds are selected to meet Capetown's demanding standards.
Our master goldsmiths meticulously set each gemstone by hand.
Capetown's "No-Risk" Accessory Warranty
Capetown's commitment to quality allows you to dazzle at a discount without compromising your timepiece. Capetown's Geneva Collection of gemstone accessories carries a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee against manufacturer's defects, workmanship, and quality. Furthermore, if your watch suffers damage, due exclusively to our accessories and/or our installation of such, we will repair your timepiece or replace it with one of equal value.
Do Not Put Your Dreams On Hold!
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