Care and Maintenance- Tips for Your Watch

Reprinted from Perfect Timing

  • Find a reputable, professional watch repair center to have your timepiece serviced. If your jeweler doesn't provide this service, ask for a reference in your area.
  • Keep all warranties and instructions in a safe place.
  • Batteries for quartz movements need replacing about every 1.5 years.
  • Clean and shine your watch with a clean, lintless cloth, such as a jewelry cleaning cloth.
  • Test the water-resistance of your watch every two years, especially if you frequently swim or dive with it.
  • Take your mechanical watch in for an "overhaul" every five to six years. It's important to maintain the lubrication on its inner workings.
  • Replace torn, cracked, or deteriorating straps as soon as possible to prevent loss of your timepiece.
  • Repair cracked or chipped crystals, or damaged crowns, as soon as possible. Otherwise dust, moisture, or other foreign matter could seep into the movement.
  • When storing your watch for long periods, keep it in an airtight sealed box away from heat, direct sunlight, and shock, such as in a safe or safety deposit box.