Test Your Gemstone Genius

By Sharon Goldman Edry
Associate Editor

How well do you know your gemstone lore? If you want to communicate the romance of colored stones to your customers, you’d better know your history, myths and legends. Here’s a challenge for you: Can you answer the following gemstone questions? Take the quiz and check your answers at the end (no peeking!) to see what kind of gemstone expert you really are.

1. What gemstone name comes from the Greek term meaning “without wine?”
a. ruby
b. tourmaline
c. amethyst
d. emerald

2. What gemstone was believed to cure bleeding?
a. sapphire
b. topaz
c. emerald
d. ruby

3. What gem was discovered by the Egyptians in 3000 B.C.?
a. emerald
b. turquoise
c. zircon
d. peridot

4. Which stone was most often mistaken in the past for other gemstones such as ruby?
a. red beryl
b. spinel
c. topaz
d. garnet

5. Which gemstone is also sometimes known as olivine?
a. peridot
b. tourmaline
c. emerald
d. jade

6. Which stone was worn by Scandinavian women to protect their hair from going gray?
a. garnet
b. pearl
c. opal
d. onyx

7. What gem is often ground up and sold as medicine components?
a. aquamarine
b. pearl
c. coral
d. amethyst

8. Which stone inspired Hindu legends that said the gem was actually solidified moonbeams that reached earth?
a. onyx
b. white sapphire
c. moonstone
d. ruby

9. Which gemstone was fashioned into a lens used by Nero to view the gladiators, because he found the color to be calming?
a. amethyst
b. sapphire
c. aquamarine
d. emerald

10. Which gemstone was named in honor of the birthday of the Russian czar?
a. alexandrite
b. iolite
c. kunzite
d. agate

1. (c) 2.(d) 3. (b) 4. (b) 5. (a) 6. (c) 7. (b) 8. (c) 9. (d) 10. (a)

If you had:

8-10 correct answers:

Gemstone Genius
You really know your gemstone trivia! Your customers will be beguiled by your colorful gem anecdotes, which will translate into big, bigger and the biggest sales.

4-7 correct answers:
Colored Stone Contender
You know a lot about your romantic product, but there is much more to learn! Read up on gemstone lore and your romance with your customers will grow.

0-3 correct answers:
Go to Gem Class
You need to read up on your gemstone lore, because you’re missing out on a great way to introduce your customers to the beauty and romance of colored stones. Hit the books, and you’ll be a gemstone genius in no time!